Q&APOSTED April 12, 2021

Meet Our Account Coordinator, Taylor

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Taylor Headshot – Square

Our newest Account Coordinator Taylor Duncan tells us about herself and her path to public relations.

1.   What got you into PR?

I have an unconventional root to PR. I came from the service industry and I couldn’t see myself working at restaurants and bars forever since the job is so physically demanding. I knew I enjoyed engaging with people, working as a team, and being creative so transitioning to public relations made sense in terms of finding a long-term career. After figuring this out, I reached out to my network to see who I could connect and have a chat with. That’s how I got to know Jen and decided to apply to Humber College’s Public Relations program.

2.   What accomplishments are you proud of so far in your career?

It’s not just one project that I’m proud of but it’s every time you finish a project and see everything come together. Sometimes, you can’t see the big picture when you are working on a project, but it feels good to know your work matters in the end. I recall one time I had to handwrite fifty thank you cards for Walmart mailers. Although it was a meticulous task, it was rewarding to hear back from all the influencers about how much they appreciated getting a handwritten card.  

3.   What are you most passionate about professionally and personally?

Professionally, since I am so new to the career, I am passionate about learning as much as I can and taking the time to assess what areas of PR interest me most. Personally, I am all about my two dogs.

4.   What is your favourite hobby?

I like hosting people, putting together charcuterie boards, and making cocktails. It’s a shame that I can’t do that anymore because of the pandemic.

5.   How do you stay up to date with news and trends?

I keep up with news through Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. You need to be on your phone to know what’s going on in the world and social media is the best way to get to know the latest trends and current affairs.