Q&APOSTED April 5, 2021

Meet our Account Coordinator, Allie

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Allie headshot – Square

Our Account Coordinator Allie Martin tells us about herself and her path to public relations.

1.   What got you into PR?

I became interested in the communications sector because growing up my mom often read celebrity/gossip magazines and I would always steal them to read afterwards. I became interested in what people were writing about, who these people were and why anyone cared about what was featured. Also, I love writing and working with a team, so Public Relations was a natural career fit for me.   

2.   What accomplishments are you proud of so far in your career?

Writing my first pitch was enthralling. It was fulfilling to see that I was starting to be trusted to work on more and have more responsibilities. I also think that taking feedback and improving on the little things are accomplishments in themselves.

3.   What are you most passionate about professionally and personally?

I’d say professionally, helping others motivates me. I recently sat down and chatted with some current PR students, and it was a great realization to know that I am now in a position to be able to provide insights and guide someone. Personally, I love learning new things, and getting more into healthy eating and regularly working out.

4.   What is your (favourite) hobby?

Honestly, drinking a glass of wine and watching reality TV is my favourite thing to do. I also love board games and just hanging out with friends.

5.   How do you stay up to date with news and trends?

I check Twitter for news since the platform is so fast that it’s good to get news there. But I also make sure to fact check just to be safe. For trends, I check Instagram and more lifestyle-focused outlets.