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Media relations: you get out what you put in

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media relations

With the ever-shrinking base of traditional media, marketers are relying on social channels and blogger/influencers to tell their stories.

Considering most of these engagements are paid, less emphasis is being given to the creation of unique story opportunities, letting the influencer prepare and communicate the brand’s messages via their personal space.

With bloggers telling brand stories in their voice to their followers, the pay for play exchange is a good deal.

The bigger issue is thinking this same approach will work with media. Speaking with producers and editors, I am regularly regaled with stories of brand representatives (PR folks) pitching non-stories or simply sending media a product and asking them to come up with a story for it.

Media pros don’t like it and if you’re doing this…they’re talking about you.

A journalist does not care that you are launching another detergent, another flavour of yogurt or another fintech solution.  They need a story with supporting research, reliable sources and visuals.

News media are stretched further than ever today and if they are to even consider providing space in their daily column(s) for your brand’s name, you’d better be giving them a good reason to put it there.

A few tips to think about when approaching the media about your brand:

  • Address a need or issue that affects audiences and for which you are the only or best solution.
  • Be timely. If there is no immediate reason to write about your brand, then there is no immediate reason to write about your brand.
  • Your brand’s word is not gospel. Include credible third-party expert input, facts and figures to give credibility to your story and accompanying still or video images that support your message.

If it is compelling to a journalist then it will be compelling to your/their audience, adding a greater level of integrity to sharable content that offers credible third-party endorsement (yeah that old thing).


Jason Chennette is an account director at APEX Public Relations. Need help with your media relations? Drop us a line at

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