WorkPOSTED July 27, 2015

Managing complex financial communication

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Managing your finances, planning for retirement, and investing money can be an emotional and stressful time for many Canadians, filled with many questions:

  • How much do I invest?
  • When do I start investing?
  • Should I invest in stocks or bonds… domestically or globally?
  • When do I need to start saving for retirement?
  • What’s the difference between a TFSA and an RRSP?

The volume of personal finance and investment management information out there can leave people in a state of inertia.

To offer advice and commentary to financial advisors/planners and investors (retail and institutional) on these topics, APEX works with clients to reach this audience through strategic national media relations efforts.

Leveraging the investment management, personal finance and sector expertise of senior executives, portfolio managers and research analysts, APEX PR proactively outreaches to investment, business and personal finance reporters across the country to secure interview opportunities and byline placements.

By leveraging a rich network of media relationships, our team connects journalists with expert sources who provide insightful commentary on investment, wealth investment and retirement decisions.

APEX PR regularly secures media opportunities and byline submissions in top-tier national, regional, and vertical publications in this category. Much success is due to the team’s ability to stay on top of business and financial industry trends and the current news cycle.

The corporate team has secured coverage with the following outlets:

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