OpinionPOSTED September 3, 2014

Louise Armstrong says what you are thinking

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Corporate writer, etiquette aficionado, budding horticulturalist and amateur baker, Louise Armstrong could be your colleague, neighbour, or your best friend. She’s all that and more in her blog.

A Toronto-based public relations practitioner, independent agency co-founder of Palette PR, and now an in-house senior writer at a major corporation, Louise started the blog “A Call for Class” five years ago about a topic she was passionate about and seemed (at times, many times) to be missing in the world of public relations and communications – manners (shocking I know, right?).

Louise recently launched a new blog, “Random Rants and Ramblings,” that goes a bit further into the issues that are going on in our world today — from etiquette, social justice, media literacy, online privacy, the role of technology in our lives, fame addiction, to the odd conspiracy theory. She takes an every person look at how all these issues are impacting us individually as well as a society.

“I started blogging because I wanted to get back to just writing for me, without having to worry about client key messages or product positioning and I found I really enjoyed it. While etiquette will always be a passion, I felt restricted by one topic so this summer I decided to launch a new blog with a wider subject matter.”

Louise is past president of the Toronto chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC/TO). Her love of writing has also seen her contributing to the IABC Toronto blog commVersations as a way to ensure all members are informed on issues impacting the association.

When not volunteering or baking (I seemed to have missed these times) she is doing what she calls “research” and keeping on top of that oh so important topic – pop culture. If you want to keep abreast of what your sister, neighbour or colleague is thinking then I encourage you to read Louise’s blog – she says what we are all thinking.

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Linda Andross is also a former IABC Toronto president and most recently Mentor of the Year. Follow her on Twitter.