InsightsPOSTED March 16, 2022

Look into the future: Pinterest predicted, and we have some thoughts

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Glowing Crystal Ball

Newsjacking, trend-hunting, touchpoints – these are all words we throw around as communicators, and they represent the way we approach much of our efforts. But getting ahead of the curve and being the first to line up with what’s trending is a challenge for brands, marketers and PR folks alike.

How do we see into the future?

Fortunately, Pinterest recently released their 2022 predictions and APEX/ruckus got a look into the crystal ball. Here are some trends we’re most excited about, and how we see brands getting in on them:

Cuppa Time

Move over, happy hour – it’s time for tea! From dainty, vintage aesthetics to delicious sips shared between friends, afternoon tea is a whole mood. For brands this means showcasing all things tea. Think stylish kettles, small bites recipes and even fashion tips to be the envy of the high tea crowd. Retail brands and food brands alike can get in on the trend – with a little creativity, any time can be tea time.


At APEX/ruckus, it’s not uncommon to see a furry friend pop up on screen during a call. It’s safe to say that we love our cuddly companions and consider them family. In 2022, we’re taking that love one step further, with animal-forward architecture. Bedrooms fit for the most luxurious of dogs and living rooms with endless climbing opportunities for agile cats will make their way into inspiration boards everywhere. We’ll be seeing more than the occasional scratching post; we’re talking fully cohesive homes designed around our pets. Brands looking to get on top of this can consider upcycling tutorials for trendy pet furniture, tips for adding more pet-friendly areas to the home and design help for the ultimate in fur-forward architecture.


In 2022, we’re taking our finances into our own hands and setting ourselves up for success! Financial freedom is here to stay, with millennials driving the endeavour toward financial literacy. Brushing up on investment tips, learning the language of money and getting into the world of investment property are all hot topics right now. Everyone from finance brands to parenting brands can take advantage of this trend, helping Canadians become financially literate at any age.

Oh My Goth

The 90s and early 2000s are making a comeback, and so is the goth aesthetic that came along with the era – we’ll all be screaming “It’s not a phase Mom!” soon enough. If search trends for goth attire  are anything to go by, it’s safe to say black is back. Fashion brands can look at incorporating gothic accessories and statement pieces into a look, while home brands can consider bold, black design inspo and black home appliances. Even parenting brands can get in on the look – gothic nurseries, anyone?

Ancestral Eats

Some say the best way to experience a culture is through your tastebuds. Traditional dishes are a window into a culture’s history, and in 2022 we’re embracing our roots (or someone else’s!). Searches for traditional and authentic dishes from across the globe are trending, and Pinterest predicts we’ll go back to the basics with our bites, especially in Canada. Inspiring through culinary tours of the world, exploring traditional kitchen tools and offering recipe tips that respect their history are all ways brands can interact with this trend.

APEX PR is always on top of the trends for our clients.  If you are looking for more ways to create incredible brand stories and stay in touch with the latest trends reach out to our SVP, Consumer Brands and Studio 365, Jennifer Stein: