Q&APOSTED June 8, 2021

Living her best COVID life, meet APEX’s New Consultant, Alyssa

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Alyssa – headshot- square

We sat down for a virtual chat with our new Consultant, Alyssa, to chat about her career journey and personal passions. 

What got you into PR?

I wish I had an inspiring story where I always knew what I wanted to do with my life. In reality, I had applied to a bunch of jobs coming out of university and got really lucky landing an internship at a boutique PR agency in Toronto. I had the opportunity to work on some amazing clients and fell in love with the industry right away. It also helped that one of my first tasks on the job was to arrange a package for Michael B. Jordan when he was in Toronto filming a movie. At that moment I knew there were some cool opportunities ahead of me.

What accomplishments are you proud of so far in your career?

 I’ve been so lucky to work on some amazing clients and projects over the years. Call me simple, but one of the best feelings is opening a fresh magazine and seeing my client featured on the page. My biggest coverage accomplishment would have to be the time I secured my client on the cover of Style At Home magazine.

What are you most passionate about professionally and personally?

Professionally, I love working on events and seeing them start from an idea and turn into something magical (pre-COVID of course!). There’s no better feeling than seeing your blood, sweat, and tears come to fruition and make it all worthwhile. Personally, I love reality TV, cocktails, sports & fitness, and spending time with my friends and family (in no particular order).

What do you do outside of work?

I spend a good majority of my free time following and obsessing over the Toronto Raptors. The remainder of my free time is spent watching Bravo, working out, or hanging out with my fiancé. I’d like to say my pre-COVID lifestyle was very different but I’m not ashamed to admit it has remained pretty much the same.

How do you stay up to date with news and trends?

Twitter and Instagram are my Bible! Social media has helped with keeping up to date with news and trends in a simple, digestible way. To keep up with the PR industry, I also follow a lot of brands, influencers, and agencies to see what cool projects other people are working on. It keeps me in the know of what my peers are doing, but also inspires my own work!

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