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Crystal Ball 2019: LIKEtoKNOW app?

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With 2019 ramping up, expect new trends throughout the news, social media, technology and more. At APEX and ruckus digital we will be sharing our predictions on some of these trends that we think will define 2019 (or at least part of it).

Laura Gannon, coordinator at APEX PR, shares her view on what’s next for tagging on Instagram.

Before we start, I’m going to walk you through my Instagram routine…  I scroll, and scroll, and scroll some more until I see either a video of a baby animal, a self-deprecating meme that my best friends and I can relate to OR a really cute outfit that reminds me that my current wardrobe is just fine trash.

If you’re anything like me, those photos of really cute outfits prompt one single tap. That tap often reveals a number of tags covering every inch of the subject’s body, from their shoes to their sunglasses. For some time now, these tags have either introduced me to new fashion brands or reminded me of my favourite fashion brands. Lately however, I’ve noticed that my favourite fashion influencers have ‘Marie Kondo’ed’ the amount of tags in their photos to now only include one:

After scrolling past too many eye-catching outfits and not knowing where to purchase them, I gave in and downloaded the app.  A few months have passed and I’m still using – and more and more influencers on my feed keep leading me back to it.

The app makes it easier to shop social content. A simple screen shot will prompt a notification that takes you directly to the app with links to the items in your screenshot. Your screenshot will even be saved in your app in case you want to wait until pay day before buying yet another pair of black booties. was launched just under two years ago and already has over 1.3 million registered users along with a network of 30,000 top-tier lifestyle influencers. They’ve created a platform for users that are serious about wanting to purchase the items on their timeline and are driving influencer sales for thousands of fashion and lifestyle brands globally.

With’s rapid growth of users and influencers, should we as communicators be leveraging this shopper-heavy platform to drive more concrete results with our influencer campaigns?

I’m forecasting that this year we can deliver more meaningful engagements, such as sales, by working with influencers. As the audience continues to grow, I think we can expect to see more brands becoming involved with the app to promote their content – and I look forward to shopping all the looks!

Laura Gannon is a coordinator at APEX PR. Want to create meaningful engagement with your audiences? Check out our website at or email us at

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