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Ken on the Shelf: Media & presentation training

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Ken on a Shelf

Research shows when people make a choice in an election, at the cash register, when looking at a menu or going on a first date they are generally led by their emotions and then justify their decision with logic later.

The same goes for spokespeople and public speakers.

Audiences choose to initially engage with a communicator based on raw emotion and then gradually allow logic to inform their eventual decisions or opinions.

If spokespeople and communicators want to succeed in influencing audiences, they need to learn the science of persuasion, as well as the art of performance.

Need help? In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve created Ken on the Shelf to help explain our media and presentation training.

Elf on the Shelf is a kid’s story written in rhyme
Explaining that elves help Santa Claus – that’s how they spend their time

By being with you – maybe sitting on your shelf
Listening and providing advice to individuals like yourself

A good story needs to be succinctly told
And power comes in understanding – not afraid of being bold

Here, at APEX, we have our own Ken Evans to offer advice
Helping you craft your message, by making it precise

As you look forward to 2015 and everything that’s to come
Remember help with your story is available at

Don’t worry, no bad rhymes will be involved.

APEX’s renowned media training and presentation training modules help company spokespeople, third source media experts and public speakers learn the skills needed to maximize each interaction — be it in front of the camera or an audience of 100 — for business development, reputation, public opinion or change management purposes.

Four hour media training session

  • Each module is divided into theory and strategy and live taped interview simulations including critique and analysis.

Half-day presentation training session

  • The presentation training module, which also helps train and prepare participants for a variety of communications, including meetings, facilitations and town halls, also includes an up-front strategy and performance session followed by taped presentation simulations, including critique and analysis.

About Kenneth Evans, SVP, APEX Public Relations

A seasoned corporate communications specialist and media trainer, Kenneth has worked with a diverse range of communicators — from reality TV hosts to several of Canada’s top 100 CEOs.

A 15 year veteran of APEX, Kenneth leads the agency’s corporate communications and training divisions, working with individual leaders and corporations in enhancing their business development and reputations through strategic public relations.

Kenneth’s roster of clients include Franklin Templeton, UPS Canada, RSA Canada, Coca-Cola, Nestle, IBM, Sapporo Breweries, Walmart Canada and a host of individual spokespeople and corporate leaders.

Kenneth is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a graduate of Dalhousie University.

What others are saying

“Yesterday’s session was amazing. I hope that I can do justice to Ken’s lessons!” Dean McNeill, Nestlé Purina PetCare

“It was an amazing session full of valuable learning, which will go such a long way!” Veronika Kvon, Business In The Streets

Need media or presentation training? Send us a note at Or tweet us @APEXPR with #KenontheShelf.

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