Media SpotlightPOSTED December 12, 2016

Janna Zittrer on the ever-transforming media landscape

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The fashion industry moves fast, always looking and pushing forward to find the next style discovery. Combined with the speed of social media and the power of a single Instagram image, fashion is now largely influenced by the consumer.

Janna Zittrer, who writes for major fashion pubs such as The Globe Style, FLARE and LOULOU, shares how this industry is not for the faint of heart.






  1. What is the biggest surprise/change you’ve seen in the fashion industry over the past year?

“There’s no denying social media has forever changed the fashion industry. Buyers and editors are no longer the gatekeepers or ultimate decision makers, and consumers are no longer willing to wait, whether that be for content or the latest pair of shoes. There’s something wonderfully democratic about this shift, but it also means we in the media community need to re-evaluate our purpose and how we operate.”

  1. Do you see any disruptors or game changers in your industry? And if so, why are they so important to the progression of this industry?

“I think anyone who understands that audiences expect content to come to them nowadays is ahead of the curve and helping to change the game. Whereas before, magazines had an intimate, almost private, relationship with readers, now our work involves grabbing people’s attention in the busy and crowded social media space. This new reality is driven less by those creating content and more by those consuming it, so it’s really an inevitable progression, rather than an intentional one.”

  1. What influencers/individuals do you follow religiously?

“As a writer, I’m inspired by people like Imran Amed (founder of The Business of Fashion), who are proving it’s possible to deliver high-value content at a breakneck pace. From a style standpoint, I’m forever devoted to my favourite editors: Taylor Tomasi Hill, Joanna Hillman, Caroline Issa, Veronika Heilbrunner…”

  1. Do you see any major trends approaching in the fashion world that might surprise others?

 “I never thought I’d get back into preppy, but Spring 2017’s country-club-inspired styles are surprisingly cool. I don’t shop designer labels on a writer’s budget, but I plan on taking a cue from Preen‘s gothic take on polos and plaids, and I’d love to find an accessible version of Brunello Cucinelli’s luxe varsity stripes. I think those pieces also make sense as we move away from casual athleisure dressing to a more polished, dressed up style.”

These questions were compiled by consultant Cole Douglas. Where do you find your fashion inspiration? Let us know on Twitter.

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