InsightsPOSTED June 25, 2014

#iworkinpr: A snapshot of a day in the life

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700×700 workinPR

Behind many of the country’s biggest and most successful brand campaigns is a team of dedicated PR practitioners. They’re the soldiers who toil away day and night to ensure that “the big announcement” – whatever it may be – goes off without a hitch, and the individuals companies of all sizes trust to help craft and communicate their most important messages.

Depending on their client mix, practitioners who work at PR agencies are often called upon to become experts in everything from personal finance to the latest technological advancements, seasonal fashion trends to food photography, international travel patterns to retail acquisitions, and (of course) all things social media.

While working across a number of different categories is no easy feat, this sometimes challenging and often exciting profession offers its most passionate workers the chance to collaborate with industry leaders and influence positive change.

But what does it really look like for those who are living and breathing it daily?

iworkinpr Infographic

This infographic, containing data from employees working at different agencies across the country, is a peek into the lives of Canadian PR practitioners and a quick snapshot of what it takes to get ’er done.


Robyn Hunt and Daina Astwood-George created this infographic together after being inspired by the popular #iworkinpr microblog on Tumblr. You’ll likely find them grabbing an after-work drink at a local pub or patiently trying to explain their jobs to their loved ones.

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