Guest EditorPOSTED February 2, 2016


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Inspiration; noun | in·spi·ra·tion: A person, place or experience that makes someone want to do or create something; an idea about what to do or create; a force or influence that inspires someone.

In a culture, industry and world like ours we are constantly being inspired by everything and everyone around us. Sometimes we go out of our way to seek inspiration whereas other times it simply lands in our lap. The notion of inspiration is something we need to practice every day with ourselves, our colleagues and most importantly, our clients.

“Inspiration to me is like air. A necessity to create amazing work for clients and to be a positive force as a colleague.” Linda Andross, managing partner at APEX. 

Ensuring we don’t fall down the deep rabbit hole of ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’, which sometimes provides comfort and a sense of familiarity, we must always look at things from a new angle and gather inspiration from inside and outside of the organization.

Inspiring others is a tactic we use each and every day at APEX. The creative minds, top talent and with a swanky office to match, APEXers are constantly pushing boundaries and coming with innovative ideas and ways to inspire our clients. We are constantly looking for way to motivate each other via a strategic thoughts process and the Build, Boom, Echo business model we follow very closely.

Sometimes it’s as simple as looking at something from a different angle to see the bigger picture and other times a more extensive time investment is required but in the end, greatness always happens!

This month, our blog theme is Follow February which gives APEXers and friends a chance to share who inspires us in the industry – be sure to keep an eye out for those posts!

Jessica Spremo is a consultant at APEX Public Relations. She is the January guest editor for APEX’s The Goat.