InsightsPOSTED September 4, 2013

How great customer service on social media creates loyal followers

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We give so much thought to how to respond to negative feedback about your brand. But how should you react to a compliment?

As much as I complain about lame customer service on Twitter, I’m also prone to tweeting shout-outs to companies that provide stellar service. I did just that after buying my new glasses from Warby Parker.

From start to finish, my experience with Warby Parker was excellent. They responded to my emails and tweets within minutes. I summed up the top-notch service I’d received in a tweet:


The same day, they tweeted back…


…and thanked me with a custom-made video!

Such a smart move: create a small, genuine interaction that I in turn shared with my network. This video probably took them less than a minute to make, but you can bet that the next time someone asks me where to buy glasses, I’ll recommend Warby Parker.

So take the time to respond to positive comments, whether it’s with a tweet, a Facebook comment or even a brief video. It could make the difference between someone liking your brand and loving it.

Amanda Factor is a Social Media Consultant at APEX Public Relations. Follow her on Twitter.

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