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Haute & Happening recap FGIToronto

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Last Tuesday, a few of our in-house fashion experts had the opportunity to attend a FGI (Fashion Group International) event at the trendy Toronto Spotify office to learn more and discuss the fashion and styling trends for spring/summer 2016.

FGI partnered with MintModa for the evening, a trend forecasting company that is globally recognized for its distinct and cohesive themes and deep knowledge of cultural movements, art history and design.

Sharon Graubard, special guest and industry renowned forecaster, spoke to the stylish and intently captivated audience on the five style tribes she created. She explained each style tribe in great detail, pulling inspiration and examples from the spring 2016 runway and street style icons.

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The five style tribe themes are below, along with two sub-categories within.

1. Femme: This is the ladylike woman who wears body skimming attire, equally loves fast-fashion and designer goods, and resembles the likes of Alexa Chung.
The other is romantic: loves her flowy, floral blouses, feminine tulle, icy pastels and vintage touches, like Taylor Swift.

2. Sophisticate: The elegant sophisticate understands the power of a uniform; simplicity is key! She replenishes basics seasonally, only wears neutrals, love gracefully and elongated silhouettes and looks for experiment cuts.
The edgy sophisticate looks at her black leather jacket as a staple piece in her wardrobe. She shops vintage, adores skinny jeans and leather bottoms (whether its pants or skirts), wears ‘everyday faux-fur’ and thinks heels should be worn every day. (Her style inspo: Kate Moss.)

3. Classic: Here, there is the NeoTrad whose focus is on sporty basics, timeless basics like boyfriend jeans, is most comfortable in easy silhouettes and adds individuality through accessories (sunglasses, belts or bags).

There are also the NeoTrois profile that who rocks gender-neutral elements mixed with the touch of boyish ease. She buy basics, often from the men’s department, prefers greys and blacks and looks for small elements, like sneakers, to make her looks unique. She looks to Chloë Sevigny for style inspiration.

4. Individualist: The curator must fall in love with every item she buys and owns; she does not settle for style trends and loves to mix ethnic or antique pieces together. Her love for rich fabrics and uniquely-patterned stand-out pieces has her looking to Iris Apfel for guidance.

The freestyler, who clothes herself in eclectic layers, boho candy colours and otherworldly materials isn’t afraid to wear one-of-a-kind pieces, in fact, she embraces and collects them. Much like Susie Lau, she is spotted wearing multilayers, garments in ways not originally intended and is comfortable with strangers stare.

5. Modern Nomad: She is typically draped in pieces made out of crochet, fringe, rustic lace and ones with accents of transparency, artisanal deco and tarnished silver. She prefers the use of age-old dyes, wants to know the story behind the items she buys and wears and is a compassionate shopper that appreciates transparency on where the clothing was manufactured. And like Donna Karen, she looks for handmade details.

Sharon concluded her presentation by sharing her predictions for shoe and colours trends for 2016 – check them out below!

Top 3 shoe trends to watch out for

  1. Square toe
  2. Square heels
  3. Fur lined flat slippers and mules

Trendy colours for spring 2016

  • Soft greens
  • Buttercup yellow
  • Yellow gold
  • Silver
  • Spice tones

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Laura Zechel identifies with the NeuTrois style profile the most due to her love for oversized men’s tees, baggy Levi’s®, tailored key pieces and sneakers, of course! Follow her on Instagram here.

Jessica Spremo identifies closest to the edgy sophisticate style based on her obsession with skinny distressed jeans, faux fur, leather jackets and almost never wearing flats. Follow her on Instagram here.



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