InsightsPOSTED October 31, 2016

Halloween delivers playful branded content

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With witches, ghosts and goblins, Halloween is by far the most playful holiday of the year for brands and can lead to the most original content on social media channels.

We know it’s hard to top Jimmy Kimmel stealing Halloween candy, but here are some of our favourite pieces of Halloween content by brands this year, including great examples we worked on!

Makeup tutorials: With the rise of videos on social, including everyday makeup tutorials, we loved seeing this trend translate to Halloween makeup tutorials. Make Up Forever partnered with Sephora to create a series of videos and images of costume makeup including Darling Deer, Glampire, and many more. NYX Cosmetics also brought this concept to life by working with influencers to create #31daysofHalloween costume makeup ideas with costumes such as Harley Quinn, Jessica Rabbit and more.

Costume inspiration: What to wear is a big dilemma! For this reason, BlogTO created a list of ironic Toronto-focused costumes to consider. The Tonight Show posted how-to costume images for the characters Jimmy plays on the show. Working with Walmart Canada, our team created a 10-second video that showcased Halloween costumes for the family, available at Walmart from the inside view of the home owner. The video included must-have license costumes like Pokemon, Shopkins and even a Yoda dog costume!

Décor inspiration: Carving pumpkins is a fun part of Halloween and an important element to the perfect decorated porch. Saturday Night Live embraced the love for their characters and created pumpkin templates of them! A Stefon pumpkin, why not? Even Buzzfeed’s Nifty taught Facebook users how to turn a pumpkin into a wine keg! Working with Walmart Canada, our team created a series of pumpkin templates to help mom carve designs this year. Designs like a scary witch, spooky werewolf and a beautiful skull.

Yummy treats: You can’t forget all the candy and treats to celebrate the holiday. Tasty added some character to their video of Halloween Appetizers by changing up the visual of their well-known hands in their cooking videos to the hands of a mummy, a monster and a vampire. Keeping to the strength of recipes and beautiful photography, we worked with Walmart Canada to create a series of recipes leveraging Halloween confectionery which included Reese’s Chocolate Kit Kat bars, TWIX Cheesecake bars and Reese’s Oreo Bats.

Katie Boland, @kathrynboland is a Digital Strategy Account Manager at ruckus digital. Want help planning your content for the next holiday? Drop us a line.