Guest EditorPOSTED October 6, 2015

Gettin’ in the groove of Build, Boom, Echo

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Not bad 2_pop

One of the ways I like to get my creative ideas flowing is to listen to great music.

You know the feeling – your favourite song comes on, your mind opens up, and the adrenalin fuels your energy to face any challenge.

At APEX, we love music. That’s why we worked together to create this APEX Songza playlist inspired by a communication philosophy we developed called the Build, Boom and Echo model.

Creating a playlist from songs that include the words build, boom and echo make for a very eclectic mix, but we think you’ll enjoy songs from the past, from today, and those that make you think where the heck did they find that song?!

You may be wondering exactly what we mean by Build, Boom and Echo. Well, let me explain.

  • The Build involves strategic communication with targeted, priority stakeholders/influencers who can significantly impact an organization’s communication program and overall success. It could also include building anticipation with target audiences via social media prior to a launch. At this stage, it’s all about establishing trust and opening up lines of communication.
  • The Boom is what happens when the time comes to ramp up communication – be it a product launch, public consultation program, media relations push, social media engagement or a big, flashy stunt. By this stage, priority stakeholders are already well informed and engaged, which will increase the quality of endorsements or word of mouth among target audiences.
  • The Echo is what occurs when influencers who supported your organization during the build and boom stages continue the momentum of your communication program or campaign. They will continue to share your message to others in a way that is consistent with your values and objectives. It’s about sustained, effective and ongoing communication engagement.

So go ahead – put in those earbuds and get ready to feel the build, boom and echo pump through your veins, and to be inspired about the possibilities a well prepared and executed communications program can bring!

Do you think your communications program needs a boost with some Build, Boom and Echo thinking? Get in touch with us!

Merissa King is an account manager at APEX Public Relations. She is the October guest editor for APEX’s The Goat.