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Generation C: A demographic worth targeting

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How do you reach a group that is not bound by age, location or income? Connection, Community, Creation and Curation are the terms that make up Generation C; the most influential demographic in the digital world. Basically, this group is a thread that binds content and technology (mobile tech, in particular).

Also known as the “YouTube generation”, the Google blog describes them here:

“They live in the present tense, connecting across all screens, all the time, everywhere. 59% say the internet is their main source of entertainment and 38% turn to their phone first when they want to be entertained, with 66% spending the same amount of time or more time watching online videos compared to TV. They haven’t abandoned traditional TV viewing altogether, but they have augmented it with shares, ‘likes’, +1s, comments and retweets, all of which add to the first screen viewing experience.”

Gen C: A YouTube Generation

There are some great benefits to targeting your content to this group. Brands that want to catch Gen C’s attention should think about what their brand can do for them (what unique/creative experience is there for them to talk about?) Remember: they’re always connected and they have influence that can be beneficial or harmful to your social impressions.

Why are they influential? Generation C is responsible for and sustains the most consumer-generated content (i.e. YouTube reviews, Instagram posts mentioning a favourite store or brand, etc.) Statistics show this group is making decisions based on online content with 72% of auto buyers using YouTube to make purchase decisions and 66% beauty-product purchasers using websites to view and access how items fit into their regiment.


Humanize your content to boost sharing and encourage conversations on various social channels

  • Look at Volvo’s campaign strategy for the last year. Themes like fear and wonder have garnered viral sharing and media attention.

Inspire them to create and become brand ambassadors

Allow control for them to highlight their personal authenticity, talents and passions

These digital natives are heavy consumers and creators of digital media and can work to a brand’s advantage or – let’s not kid ourselves – its detriment.  Pros and cons aside, there’s no doubt that this group rules the digital space and there’s notable results in targeting your content to them.

Need a strategy on creating messaging and content for digital-media savvy Gen-C’ers?  Shoot us an e-email and let’s talk.


Jeanette Anati, a Gen-C’er by nature and Gen Y by birthright, is a Coordinator Intern for Ruckus.

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