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Generation Alpha: What to expect from generation A

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You’re familiar with generation X, generation Y and even generation Z, but have you educated yourself on the latest generation – Generation Alpha?

Babies born from 2010 onward comprise of the latest, trendiest and “smartest” generation yet. These babes are growing up like no other generation, being exposed to social media and tech gadgets from the day they are born.

Parents post Instagram photos of their newborns and use hashtags to easily track other posts with their tots. Some have even created social media accounts for their youngsters’ before they can walk and talk.

Researchers claim that this generation will be the most educated generation, largely due to what they’re exposed to right out of the womb. Children’s toys are primarily electronic, giving this generation the upper hand against other non-tech-savvy generations.

They will learn to read on an eReader, not from a hardcopy book, and they will most likely learn how to download the latest tunes and videos on their iPad Minis before they learn how to count to 100.

Researchers indicated that this generation will be the most materialistic and technology-focused generation yet, with parents spending $500 per year on technology for each child.

That opens a large window for brands targeting this generation’s parents – specifically for tech-based companies and those brands that incorporate technology into their apparel and accessories.

Roughly 90 per cent of generation A students are expected to complete grade 12 and 40 per cent will go on to further studies, said a report in Business Insider.

So, what will happen in 2030 when these tech-savvy youngsters enter the workforce? How will we as professional communicators disseminate our message to the already, ‘in the know’ generation?

Brands will have to tweak existing programs to ensure they are reaching this savvy generation in a way that makes sense to them; from online content to social platforms. More proof that our jobs as communicators are ever-changing.

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Caroline Dunnet is part of Generation Y – the generation that experienced many world-changing events like the rise in mass communication and technological advancements. 

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