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#FutureForward: Pause and take a step back

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In our #FutureForward series we ask members of our APEX family to share their insights into what skills they think will still be relevant in public relations, communications, marketing and digital in 30 years.

Nihal Mandanna C.P., intern coordinator at APEX Public Relations discusses how learning to take a step back can lead to greater insights into your work as well as determining inefficiencies in your practice.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we use the pretense of “being too busy” to take a breather and give ourselves time to digest what’s going on around us. Our industry can be very tedious, task-driven and depending on where you end up, it can involve constantly working long hours.

And when you let yourself plug in, chug away at your campaign of the day and don’t take time to reflect, you are not just doing yourself a disservice, but your clients and the profession as a whole.

The main issue I see with this inability to take a step back, goes beyond the constant burnout that many professionals in the communications industry face. When it starts to affect our ability to perform as professional brand managers, that doesn’t bode well for the industry as a whole.

Looking ahead, it will become more important than ever for public relations practitioners to master the art of taking a step back.

Allowing yourself to take a step back not only gives you a mental reprieve from the task at hand, but it also gives you the chance to remove yourself from a particular situation and look at it from new angles. A tired, overworked mind can be a tricky beast to tame after all.

Along those lines, working longer and working harder isn’t always the key to success. We should invest in optimizing and automating tasks that use up precious human capital and redirect energy into building streamlined processes from the ground-up instead.

Why would you choose to take 10 hours to complete a task if you can optimize it to be done in five?

In an industry where time will only become more critical and valuable, this is a huge next step for organizations to think about.

You are only as valuable as you give yourself credit for. Taking a step back not only helps build a professional who is able to look at the bigger picture with respect to their work but a well-rounded individual who can look at the state of the world at large as well.

Give yourself the chance to gain that worldview and watch yourself grow, both professionally and personally.

Remember, it’s okay to breathe.

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Nihal Mandanna C.P. is an intern coordinator at APEX Public Relations.

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