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#FutureForward: Keep up and stay creative

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In our #FutureForward series we ask members of our APEX family to share their insights into what two skills they think will still be relevant in public relations, communications, marketing and digital in 30 years.

Ashley Villarroelconsultant at APEX Public Relations, talks about the importance of creative thinking and how it will continue to shape the communications industry.

If we fast forward to 2049 there’s no doubt that the communications industry will look extremely different. It’s exciting to think about the future (and maybe a bit scary!) and where our industry is headed.

How will it evolve and how will we evolve with it?

Despite the evolution, there are two skills I feel will remain crucial in 30 years.

Creative thinking

This may seem broad, but creative thinking blankets a wide range of skills. From boldness and standing out from competitors to troubleshooting and problem solving, creative thinking is what drives us as communicators.

Without it, the only threat is falling behind.

Keeping up to inspire clients

With ongoing disruption of the communications industry, being aware of the resources available to communicators and keeping up with the latest trends are vital.

As consultants, we should be sharing something new with our clients on a regular basis – whether it’s a new idea, a shift in approach or an innovative social media tool you’ve never tried before.

Even if nothing comes to fruition, clients should feel confident in your ability to scope out what works for them. Through counsel, it is our duty to inspire clients to tread new waters in order to drive their business goals.

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Ashley Villarroel is a consultant at APEX Public Relations.

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