NewsPOSTED September 27, 2016

Future trends for the F/W 2017 season

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Cole and Laura

Last Tuesday – in order to keep up with the ever-evolving fashion industry – my colleague Laura Zechel and I attended Fashion Group International (FGI) – Toronto’s event, Trend Forecasting Fall/Winter ’17 presented by MintModa’s Sharon Graubard held at the Artscape Sandbox.

As fashion enthusiasts rushed into the space in anticipation to learn what were going to be the next leading trends in the fashion and beauty world, a photographer darted throughout the crowd snapping photos of the attendees’ sported ensembles – a form of heightened expression that we all incorporate so much effort into, while making look effortless. The lights started to dim and the evening was about to begin. Some opened up notepads to jot down notes of what was to come for the F/W of ’17 while other tech savvy individuals used smartphones to capture the presentation.

First up: Clarissa Borg – hair products and expected trends for F/W ‘17

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Clarissa Borg, Owner and Salon Director of TONI&GUY Hairdressing Canada spoke to the hottest approaching trends that the fashion world can expect in the realm of hair – an individuals most prized position. To demonstrate the trends Borg brought on stage an army of models sporting what we can expect to see in the autumn and winter of 2017.


  • Men get longer hair (hippie chic), while women start to sport shorter locks
  • Ombre becomes less drastic and embraces a softer blend
  • Women wearing a more lived-in look – volume with the perception of less maintenance
  • Men focusing on tight, clean sides with a textured, lengthier top
  • Women are going to lean towards the shaved, bleached-out look
  • Editorial: Women will sport the crimped ponytail with curtain fringe bangs

Second to the stand: Jennifer Mather – on fleek nails for 2017


Jennifer Mather, Business Development Manager with CND mesmerized the audience with videos, imagery and the brand’s vast portfolio of designers they worked with on numerous runways. Expressing that nails are just as important as any fashion accessory or precious jewelry, Mather spoke to what we would see in the future of nail art.


  • Fall 2017 will incorporate a dark and nocturnal essence for nails
  • Metallic blues and greys will take a leading force on the runway
  • Maroons will be seen more drastic and with dramatic focus
  • Winter will bring in a dream style of dark ruby, darker metallic and nocturnal colours that evoke strength and power

The leading lady: Sharon Graubard – global fashion forecasting for F/W ‘17

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Graubard, from New York trend forecasting service, MintModa graced the audience with her poise and breadth of knowledge within the fashion landscape where she brought trends from the past and predicted what would become the fashion ideals that the masses would follow religiously. Her melodic and soft voice was a perfect undertone to her witty and feisty personality that took the audience for a ride into the future.


  • Dear John: A World War Breakup Story
    • Fashion will focus on WWII with a navy influence
    • Garments will become romantic
    • We will see plaids with uncut or frayed edges
    • Bras on top of corsets
    • Sharply cut details with lacing and binding from the past
    • Large knitted sweaters with trumpet and tulip skirts
    • The revolution of the slouchy pant
    • Shearling and sherpa will be incredibly present
  • Beat Street: Black Turtlenecks and Smokey Cafes
    • Fashion will also take another direction – eroticism of mind and poetry of the body
    • Classic colours will reign supreme: grey, black, beige
    • Tremendous influence on logos and punk attire
    • Pierced and garnished clothing
    • Vinyl pants will rock the streets
    • Denim is taking on the oversized, androgynous look
  • M. Peacock: Early cocktails and Too Many Boutiques
    • The couture and boutique revolution of the 60s and 70s
    • The embracing of many embellishments, patches, embroidery
    • Incorporating dogs, cats and birds into the pattern of clothing
    • Velvet is back in a BIG way
    • Marie Antoinette graces the world of women’s footwear

After the evening the crowd had more than enough future fashion insight to feast on and begin planning for F/W ’17. What persona will you take on? Dear John, Beat Street or M. Peacock?

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Photos courtesy of Fashion Group International Toronto