InsightsPOSTED February 20, 2015

Follow February: Sara Koonar editor in chief of 29secrets

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For February, APEXers are dedicating a whole month finding out what topics, people or hashtags people follow religiously. Next up…

Sara Koonar

Sara Koonar
Editor in chief

1. What topic, person or hashtag do you follow religiously?

Topic: Fashion, Person: Beyoncé, Hashtag: #OOTD 

2. Why do you follow that topic, person and hashtag?

“Daily outfit inspiration is one of the reasons I use Instagram or Pinterest. I like seeing how other people style their clothing and where they shop. As far as Beyoncé goes, she’s #flawless.”

Why should others follow those?

“I think social media networks like Instagram that are very visual make it really easy to tell a fashion or beauty story. You don’t need a lot of text because the image speaks volumes.”

These questions with Sara Koonar were compiled by Kylee Berencsi. Who or what do you follow? Let us know here or on Twitter. Alsocheck out what others said.

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