InsightsPOSTED February 20, 2015

Follow February: Podcaster Zach Bussey

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With seemingly never-ending content available on social media, there will never be enough time to consume it all. As both consumers and PR practitioners we need to be able to pick out the information that best suits our needs.

As a part of this month’s Follow February theme, Jon Koidis reached out to Zach Bussey, a seasoned traditional and social media personality to help us traverse the ocean of online content.

Zach Bussey

Zach Bussey
Content creator, blogger, podcaster and media personality
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 1. Who do you follow religiously?

“I follow a few different blogs and people on Twitter, but to name a few:

  • ReelSEO is a blog about YouTube and video content creation.
  • GuyMaven is a site that I contribute to, but they post a ton of really great entertainment and tech stuff that helps me stay on top of the latest stuff.
  • Casey Palmer’s blog is truly great in that he takes time to create his content, always an interesting read.
  • Also follow Carolyn Van’s blog post about her journey through fighting cancer.”

 2. Why do you follow those blogs?

“I follow them each for different reasons:

  • ReelSEO: I recently decided to take the plunge into YouTube, and their blog has been invaluable in providing insight into optimization, thumbnails, editing, and just tips for content. A truly great site for anyone considering doing video based content.
  • GuyMaven: The guide for guys, it’s a site that I can quickly catch up on product launches from the week. Especially love their tech posts and their entertainment as well. Helps me find things that I want.
  • Casey Palmer: Besides being my friend, his blog is always interesting. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone who obsesses about the quality of his content it’s him.
  • Carolyn Van: Cancer is a tough topic to deal with. Most of the time we wish people well and hope for the best. Carolyn has been documenting her journey as she battles against a grapefruit sized tumour. Getting the updates in near real time gives me a clearer understanding of just how brutal cancer really is.”

 3. Why should others follow those blogs?

  • Reel SEO: If you’re contemplating YouTube or other video, definitely check it out! Inspiration and insight.
  • GuyMaven: Just constantly the coolest stuff I’ve seen online. A quick way to get the rundown on the latest stuff.
  • Casey Palmer: Interesting content, a good read, very upbeat.
  • Carolyn Van: Getting to know someone via a blog, and ‘experiencing’ what it’s like to battle cancer is an eye opening experience.”

These questions with Zach Bussey were compiled by Jon Koidis. Who or what do you follow? Let us know here or on Twitter. Alsocheck out what others said.