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Follow February: Journalist Janice Landry

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With millions of topics, people, organizations, brands and hashtags to follow on an array of social media channels, it may feel overwhelming to choose who and what to follow.

As part of this month’s Follow February theme, APEXer Merissa King reached out to Janice Landry, former CTV Atlantic editor/producer, and accomplished author and journalist who shares her passion of supporting local small businesses via social media.

Janice Landry

Janice Landry
Author, The Sixty Second Story, journalist and university instructor

1. What person, topic or hashtag do you follow religiously?

“I follow @LDraderMurphy, Lisa Drader-Murphy, well-known Canadian designer and president of the Turbine clothing label. I religiously read her tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook.

I also follow @modabyozelm, Ozlem D. Metinoglu, CEO and Founder of House of Moda. She is an amazing jewellery designer. I follow House of Moda on Instagram and the designer herself on Facebook for the latest trends in Canadian fashion, which has interested me since I was a teenager.

Note: Janice is wearing House of Moda earrings in her photo above!

2. Why do you follow them?

“I also follow many other businesspeople in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Eastern Canada, where I am based. I am a freelance journalist and work under the name Groundhog Productions, as I was born on Groundhog Day.

Having freelanced for 14 years now, I understand the triumphs and tribulations with being a small business owner. My husband is also one of several co-owners of a medical-based business in Montreal, called Galien/Bauerfeind Canada.

Many of our close friends also own and operate small businesses in Halifax.”

3. Why should others follow them?

 “I staunchly support #local. You should too, in whatever community in which you live.

My grandfather was a businessman who immigrated to Halifax from Bulgaria to start a chain of former small grocery stores with his friends. Small business is the backbone of our community and we have to protect, nurture and support it.

These creative and dynamic business people add so much value, on many different levels, to where we individually live, work and play.”

Watch for her new book in fall 2015 “The Price We Pay,” published by Pottersfield Press.

These questions with Janice Landry were compiled by Merissa King. Who or what do you follow? Let us know here or on Twitter. Also, check out what others said.


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