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Follow February: Joanne Jin of SHARP Magazine

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What? February’s done?

Don’t know about you but we found the month really short! Actually we were enjoying hearing from others on the Follow February theme so much that we’re going to do one more…

Joanne Jin

Joanne Jin
Fashion coordinator & stylist
SHARP Magazine and SHARP: The Book For Men

1. What topic, person or hashtag do you follow religiously?

“I absolutely love following Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen) and Magdalena Wosinska (@themagdelenaexperience) on Instagram.”

2. Why do you follow them?

“Chrissy is definitely a model with a fun, kooky personality. I find her posts very entertaining and I can’t wait for her reality TV show starring her hubby, John Legend (this must be already in the works… fingers crossed).

Magdalena captures very liberating photos of her female body in the most dreamy, west coast landscape. I live vicariously through her photos wishing I was out in the west coast with her living freely like a modern day bohemian girl.”

3. Why should others follow them?

“If you want a quick break for a little laughter (Chrissy) or day dream (Magdalena) these ladies do the job for me; maybe for you too?”

These questions with Joanne Jin were compiled by Jessica Spremo. Who or what do you follow? Let us know here or on Twitter. Also check out what others said.

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