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Follow February: Jenny Cruxton with MRP

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For February, APEXers are dedicating a whole month finding out what topics, people or hashtags people follow religiously. Next up…

Jenny Cruxton

Jenny Cruxton
Manager Business Development for MRP
Fifth Story

1. What topic, person or hashtag do you follow religiously?


2. Why do you follow that hashtag?

“For great insight in the ever evolving PR measurement world and to see what the leading experts have to say about measurement.

More and more knowing how the industry experts are measuring social, owned, paid and earned media is crucial.

Experts in the measurement space often post great insights to approaching measurement and what the standards are. Katie Paine @queenofmetrics is a fantastic resource for #measurepr insights and tips.

Working with MRP #measurepr also helps us toot our own horn in the metrics space as well.”

3. Why should others follow that hashtag? 

“If you are in PR or Marketing you need to know about metrics and measurement – so much valuable info to help you know what is important and what tools are available.

Knowing what different types of metrics and standards are being used will only help you when it comes to finding the right way to report on your PR efforts to your clients.

MRP, Media Relations Rating Points is Canada’s standard in earned media measurement. It was created by CPRS for the industry to have an apples-to-apples comparison when it comes to measuring media relations outcomes.”

These questions with Jenny Cruxton were compiled by Linda Andross. Who or what do you follow? Let us know here or on Twitter. Also check out what others said.

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