InsightsPOSTED February 1, 2016

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For February, APEXers are dedicating a whole month finding out what topics, people or hashtags people follow religiously.

First Up…

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What topic, hashtag, person do you follow?

I love reading posts from Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post, Kristen Stewart and Mitch Joel, Seth Godin and Social Media Examiner. Makes me feel tapped in and I’m learning at least 2 new things a day. Oh – and I follow @ilovescience (Ifuckinglovescience). I sucked at Math and science in school but these tweets give me a glimpse into the real cool side of science.  And then there are the staples: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Amy Schumer. I call them ‘my girls’.

I follow Mom influencers – particularly love Amy Morrison – and Erica Ehm (YMC). Raising a kid truly does take a village so I’m always looking for advice, great ideas and levity on the whole parenting topic. I also like knowing I’m not the only who is losing my mind sometimes!

Hashtag – it depends on the day, what’s trending and what’s on my mind. I don’t follow one religiously.

Topics I follow are usually lifestyle related – career, parenting, décor, DIY, friendship/relationship advice, new trends, cool new gadgets or apps that promise to simplify my life and comedy. I need a good laugh every single day so I’m always looking for something to laugh about.


I like women who tell it like it is and are unapologetic about their beliefs and opinions. I like sites that shoot straight from the hip. I don’t have time to wade through and figure out fact from fiction. I find the influencers I’m drawn to are trusted sources and if their content is opinion related, it is usually backed by demonstrated credibility. I’m a sucker for anything clever and witty that shines a light on things.

Why should others follow them?

 In general, I love the long list of people I follow because the list itself provides diversity in interests and the influencers themselves write very insightful and helpful content. You might learn something new, you might find a new way to look at things or you might just feel emotional about the content in a way that makes you want to share or act on something. I find these influencers always drive me to some sort of action!

Why did you start @drinksatsix?  What was your motivation?

I was single when I launched the site and I loved being single but I had friends who hated it. I wanted to create a positive community around it but mostly I wanted to create a community where women felt they could let their hair down and be themselves. No judgement. But then I met someone, fell in love and had a baby. So the site had to go through these changes with me. I realize now the site is really not about marital status – it’s about being a woman -the good, the bad and the ugly but above all, the truth. It’s an authentic outtake on the pressures, rewards, struggles and issues we deal with day to day and we can talk about all these things with our down and no fear of judgement. It’s okay not to always love marriage or motherhood. It’s okay to cut toxic friends loose and it’s important to work on knowing, accepting and loving ourselves. I think it can be tough being a woman and through the site and my podcast, I feel like I have a community of women I can connect honestly with about all the ups and downs. I speak my mind – unfiltered. We have the authentic conversations anyone would have if they got together after a long day – over drinks at six, of course.

These questions with Drinksatsix were compiled by Linda Andross. Who or what do you follow? Let us know here or on Twitter