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Follow February: Claire McCorquodale of Cision

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For February, APEXers are dedicating a whole month finding out what topics, people or hashtags people follow religiously. Next up…

Claire McCorquodale

Claire McCorquodale
Agency Relations
Cision Canada

1. What topic, person or hashtag do you follow religiously?

#HumberPR (Twitter)

@StephanieFusco (Instagram and her blog too)

2. Why do you follow those?

“I follow #HumberPR because it helps me stay up-to-date with what Toronto PR pros are talking about. During my time at Humber, PR students would often include  #HumberPR when sharing interesting articles related to the industry. It was a great way to gather current news for discussion and served up relevant examples for coursework. I’m glad use of the hashtag has grown and now a large network of alumni include it when tweeting about industry-related content.

@StephanieFusco loves gold décor, sparkle and the latest beauty items, things I just happen to also appreciate. However, I don’t just follow her for the visually appealing Instagrams. There are hundreds of lifestyle bloggers in Toronto writing about the same things but for me, Stephanie’s personable approach to her posts sets her apart.  On the downside, her “Weekly Enabler Reports” hurt my bank account.”

 3. Why should others follow them too?

“If you work in PR/Marketing/Digital, #HumberPR really is an easy and quick way to get the latest news. It can also serve as a source for finding new people to follow.

If you’re already reading lifestyle and beauty blogs, then @StephanieFusco is a great Canadian blogger to add to your reading list. Fashion chatter isn’t really your style? No problem. Working in PR and Digital, means that she discusses a much wider variety of topics on Twitter. Follow and tell her Claire sent you!”

These questions with Claire McCorquodale were compiled by Linda Andross. Who or what do you follow? Let us know here or on Twitter. Also check out what others said.


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