InsightsPOSTED February 27, 2015

Follow February: Alicia Cox-Thomson of Flare

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Flare Magazine

For February, APEXers are dedicating a whole month finding out what topics, people or hashtags people follow religiously. Next up…

Alicia Cox-Thomson

Alicia Cox-Thomson
Digital managing editor

1. What topic, person or hashtag do you follow religiously?

“Of course I’m going to say @FLAREFashion on Twitter and Facebook and @flaremag on Instagram!”

2. Why do you follow those?

“We have a lot of fun with our social platforms. There’s a real person behind the post button and you can tell that right away. Personality is important on social media and I truly believe FLARE has a unique voice. We love what we do and it shows.”

3. Why should others follow them?

“Fans and followers will always find something to click on via our social media platforms because we cover a wide range of topics from serious issues that affect millennial women to celebrity posts, shopping galleries, beauty trends, entertainment listicles, sex and relationship advice, wedding inspiration and more.

It’s like following a stylish, smart friend who always knows what’s buzzy and being talked about.”

These questions with Alicia Cox-Thomson were compiled by Melissa Cable-Cibula. Who or what do you follow? Let us know here or on Twitter. Also check out what others said.

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