Guest EditorPOSTED April 29, 2016

Favourite app? Keep it simple

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What is an app you love?     

I have this philosophy that the apps you use should work together as a whole to make life easier. I don’t have a single favourite: the ones I use have to genuinely provide value and work well – or I’m deleting them. Sometimes, a really good mobile site is a better choice (I’m looking at you news apps that shall remain nameless).

A good set of apps on your smartphone saves you time and lets you use those spare moments to the fullest. Obvious, of course, but I’m grateful to be able to take care of things efficiently on the go.

What kinds of apps do you use?

I love to make lists, but I’m a ‘do it now’ kind of person so I almost always have my smartphone on me. I use apps that save me time so I can get back to what matters.

I pay off my credit card as soon as I put money on it with the TD Mobile Banking app. I book business lunches (or date night dinners with my husband) on the go with OpenTable. I follow our programs, clients and competitors on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps. I swear the Ticketmaster app helped me get through for Adele tickets! And, when I need an escape, I plan a hike with the Bruce Trail app (it’s fabulous).

Any apps that you don’t like?

I have to admit that I’ve tried organization apps like Evernote but I end up coming back to my notebook. My dad is a fanatic about it and thinks I’m nuts, but it doesn’t come naturally to me, so off my phone it went. I might have been one of the first of my friends to get an iPhone back in the day, but I’m old school about note taking. I accept it.

Anne Locke is an account director at APEX Public Relations. She is the April guest editor for APEX’s The Goat. What other apps do APEXers love? Find them here.