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Fashion: Only the disruptors will survive

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Last week, as Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (@TOM_FW)  was starting to get underway, I attended the TOM*Talks industry event, How To Market To Men.

With the influx of men’s fashion in today’s market, the importance of selling menswear has never been this demanding to the brands who are trying to cut through the extensive content that exists in the fashion realm.

Fashion Broker Roger Gingerich (@RogerHGingerich) moderated this hot topic surrounding the efforts in captivating the attention of the male consumer with some of the industry’s heavy hitters:

Discussion included the effectiveness of celebrities in campaigns, leveraging social media to engage the consumer and targeting influencers. Deepak referenced his excitement in being part of Burberry’s new production model of the buy-now, wear-now format, allowing show attendees to purchase small amounts of the presented collection both online and in-store immediately after the show.

This reflects how the fashion world has to move at an even more rapid pace than it has in the past in order to capture the interest and attention of the Millennial that now dictates fashion moving from the runway to their closet in a matter of days, rather than presenting a desired collection four to six months before store arrival.

Then when sitting down on Sunday with my routine coffee and trusted Vogue (March issue of course) in hand, I read the most captivating article titled, The Great Disruption which only reinforced this concept of  fashion on hyper speed.

Contributing editor, Sarah Mower not only discussed the daring designers like Saint Laurent and Hood By Air, who are shaking the industry’s thought of how and what fashion should be, but referenced the power shift from the post-millennial world and addition of mass social media.

Fashion brands more than ever have to become diligent and intensely innovative in order to survive in this environment.

To some, this space may feel unsafe and tumultuous.  But, to others – individuals that are stimulated by creativity and inspired by all things around them – this is a time of revelation.  A time where brands need to move faster than the speed of light to capture the consumer’s attention and successfully disrupt the market place.

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