Guest EditorPOSTED September 10, 2015

Falling for The Goat

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It feels like we’ve just gotten into the groove of summer weather, yet somehow we’re already in back-to-school time and shopping for fall clothing. Where’s the button to pause time?


Anyways, before I depress you too much with thoughts of snow and icy sidewalks, I thought I’d take it upon myself as the inaugural guest editor to discuss the name of this newsletter, The Goat.

Why The Goat? There are several reasons, and that’s the thing I like the most about The Goat; it can represent something different for everybody.

For me, The Goat represents two things: Greatest of all Time, but also, it represents a leader who climbs to the apex.


Leadership is important. It’s not just about your position; it’s about your commitment to shaping your industry. It’s about using your judgment to react against things you find destructive and using your influence to promote ideas you believe in.

Being a leader means voicing your opinion and sharing your knowledge to help guide others towards reaching the same goal.

It’s easy to hide in the shadows, but sharing your thoughts helps initiate a dialogue that’s intended to educate. Good leaders also recognize that initiating dialogue means that there will be opposing views but invite them, as they are open to learning from others.

This is what The Goat represents to me. Leadership without dictatorship.

Plus… goats are hilarious!

Moe Arora is a senior digital strategist at APEX and ruckus digital who loves memes, animated GIFs and a good Instagram post. See what he finds Instagram-worthy @moe. Moe is the September guest editor for APEX’s The Goat.

Photo credit – Dinosaur “If Time waits…”: ChucklesNetwork and Futurama “I See What…”: PandaWhale