InsightsPOSTED March 27, 2015

Every problem has a solution

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For March, the APEX team is exploring the best communication advice ever.

When thinking about all of the indispensable advice I’ve generously received, sought out, and even retained through osmosis; I am eternally grateful.

The people I have been so fortunate to encounter have played one of the largest roles in developing, shaping and defining my conduct and nature. I could not have grown without their lasting influence.

The reality is, in fast-paced agency life there often isn’t time or moments to stop and reflect as it happens. We have the post regroup, debrief call, wrap-up report – and we’re onto the next in an instant, our minds moving faster than our bodies most times.

Thankfully however, what we have learned should have already just stuck somehow. Problems you faced or challenges you encountered will surely be met again, but the barriers the next time around seem to be a little more doable.

From all of this (and all those who I have had the fortunate opportunity to work alongside) I have learned – every problem has a solution.

Now this is not only what I would call advice, but also a bit of a mantra – it keeps the sanity at bay and also allows you to keep a clear focus on end result – which is exactly what we work towards daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly (you get it).

Goals are the starting point to any project, program or challenge and the way you work to plan and strategize achieve to them will path your journey there. We want to exceed metrics, have the perfect interview, secure top tier event attendance and we will work the passage to get there.

However this advice does come with a clause.

Solving any problem equals strategically forming a solution.

The problem is sometimes inevitable, whether predictable or not, and we do our best to come to a swift solution. However sometimes (actually, a lot of time) this end result may not always look like or be the result you originally had planned.

And that’s ok.

But you need to be ok with that. (oh, and your client too)

Perfection isn’t (and I shudder as I say this) possible in PR.

And trust me, as a proud and unapologetic perfectionist; this is a tough realization to swallow.

But the silver lining is the learning. The learnings are the good stuff. They may often be hard to find, but the possibilities with them in tow are endless.

Kylee Berencsi is an senior consultant at APEX. What communication advice do you have? Let us know here or on Twitter. Also check out what others said.

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