APEXers love telling a good story. Stories that inform, educate and resonate.

In fact, to help tell a story we created our own version of an Elf on the Shelf with Ken on the Shelf.

Whether you’re familiar with our Ken Evans or not, the story of Ken on the Shelf is actually about you – helping you tell your story effectively.

Or as Ken on the Shelf would say:

“A good story needs to be succinctly told
And power comes in understanding – not afraid of being bold.”

As we wrap things up, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite stories from the year, including our top ten picks from our blog, as well as our clients’ greatest hits.

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Stay warm. Happy holidays from the APEX team!

Ken on the Shelf

From interesting media personalities to why #selfies are causing a stir, check out our top ten picks based on engagement and just our all-round faves from the year.

From bringing on the love to helping animals in rescue shelters, our clients’ greatest hits include some pretty spectacular moments.

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