InsightsPOSTED March 23, 2018

DX3 recap: Snapchat’s Creating Impact session

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DX3 Presentation

The ruckus and APEX team recently attended DX3, a digital marketing and retail conference. Over the next 3 days, we’ll provide our favourite takeaways from the sessions.

Jeff Miller, Global Head of Creative Strategy, shared how top brands are maximizing Snapchat’s platform capabilities to benefit their campaigns. While he discussed several ways to use Snapchat successfully, his key insights are beneficial across platforms. Here are two takeaways:

  1. With every campaign, get smarter. Data is power, and you’re probably collecting a lot of it; but if you are not using it to create or change your campaign strategies then you’re missing a huge opportunity to optimize your efforts. Use the data and insights you collect from each campaign to make future decisions.
  2. Lean into the platform you’re creating for. The top social platforms are not created equally, each one has a different audience, and a different form of top performing content. Snapchat, for example thrives on content that is authentic and uncurated; compared to Instagram which welcomes the users who have an eye for aesthetics. This means that a single piece of creative isn’t always going to work across platforms. Think of each channel’s characteristics and audience when creating your content.

Amanda Carreiro is a community manager at ruckus Digital. Need help with your social media strategy and targeting? Drop us a line.

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