InsightsPOSTED June 27, 2014

Make-up or make out? Distracted drivers confess

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With the long weekend here, we anticipate many will be spending the majority of the weekend stuck in traffic (the usual) as they seek to escape the city bustle for a more calming retreat in cottage county. If you’re one of those folks, there is a lot to consider (that many do not) when preparing to take a trip in a car for your own safety as well as the safety of other drivers around you.

Our friends at RSA Insurance (client), leading home, auto and commercial insurer have discovered in their recent survey, however, that we have many distracted drivers on the roads.

So what exactly are Canadians up to while driving, and what are the distractions they are encountering? They results may surprise you!

Don’t be a distracted driver. Stay safe on the roads, and have a great long weekend!

Cottage ninjas Susie Nick and Kylee Berencsi will be fleeing the city for the weekend; however, rest assured that you will NOT see them making out or putting on make-up while behind the wheel. 

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