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Determination, it’s for the cool kids

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Whether it’s a story about a young steel mill worker with college football aspirations, an Irish boxer and his brother looking for one more chance for a world boxing title or an intern looking to land a job at a prestigious magazine, stories about people determined to succeed never go out of style.

Be it fictional or in real life, we can all account a story of someone refusing to give up. These stories stand for something and remind us all that in the face of adversity we can and will succeed.

But of these stories, my favourite protagonists are the ones who try to influence the story from the sidelines, rather than being a part of it.

I speak of course about my fellow PR agency professionals who never-say-die on a daily basis.  

There’s a misnomer I often hear from people. They think PR is ‘spin.’  That life in this industry is more about appearances or throwing cool parties, when in reality it often means persevering in the face of adversity.

Flights grounded from a freak weather incident while you have 30 people on route to a media event?

Cool, I got this.

Courier let you down and now you need to rent a car and drive overnight to get a critical item needed to an out of town event?

All good bud.

Professional athlete is late for his own branded press conference with a room full of media?

Not even mad bro.

Despite whatever challenges and road blocks are thrown in our paths, the true ‘movers and shaker’ of the industry overcome challenges by moving things and shaking S^%* — not by throwing cool parties.

Sure, there are people in PR (and in all industries) who like to try and hang with the cool kids and talk the talk, but the people who stick around in this industry are the ones who are ready for life to drop the gloves.

The people who are always in demand and undeniably ‘cool’ are the ones who are determined to make anything work — for themselves, their colleagues and their clients.

Determination, it’s what separates the posers from the cool kids.

What do you think never goes out of style? Tell us and see what else we think.

Jon Koidis is a consultant at APEX Public Relations. Contact us to find out what our determination can do for you.

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