Work, Insights, Opinion, APEX SpotlightPOSTED August 28, 2019

#DailyDive: The fine art of curating one’s personal feed

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Curiosity and ongoing learning are key requirements at our agency. Studies show that people who continue to learn as professionals are better problem-solvers, more creative and tend to enjoy their jobs more̶ so that’s a bonus. This month we are sharing our go-to professional resources at APEX PR and ruckus Digital.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a nerd. I love learning more than one should probably know about topics ranging from blockchain technology and stem cell applications (vampire facial, anyone?) to the latest real-life pre-election drama on both sides of the border and the best content on Netflix and Prime (PSA: if you haven’t watched Fleabag yet, drop everything you’re doing right this second and binge watch that brilliant show immediately).

So when it came to picking my favourite go-to sources of information on a daily basis, I believe it’s a fine combination of quality and quantity. My favourites list does evolve with time, so here are a few things in my current rotation:

The Joe Rogan Experience – Fact: No one conducts an interview like Joe Rogan does. Whether or not you agree with his views (look up: vegan cats), it’s hard to knock his unique style of interviewing on his podcast. It takes serious talent to engage a listener for three straight hours with a single interview, and Joe does this in spades.

The Buzzfeed Newsletter – Compiled daily by Elamin Abdelmahmoud and friends, this gem of a newsletter scores high on my three-point chart: timeliness (6 am delivery), wry humour (titles including my favourite, In case you forgot this is a dystopia), and the perfect mix of opinion, news snapshots and reading/viewing recommendations. Definitely my first and often favourite read of each day.

Suresh Doss’ Instagram feed – Suresh has been a long-time favourite of mine on Toronto’s food scene. Again, if you know me, you know that restaurant recommendations are essentially currency to me, and I have learned about many of my favourite spots today from Suresh’s travels and tours. For instance, my recent Mexico City trip was perfectly (and coincidentally, for the record) timed two weeks after his trip there to cover the city’s best culinary offerings for Foodism.

Rohini Mukherji is a vice president at APEX Public Relations. Check out more of #DailyDive and see what other APEXers are looking at for professional inspiration.