Work, Insights, Opinion, APEX SpotlightPOSTED August 21, 2019

#DailyDive – Information with a personal touch

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Curiosity and ongoing learning are key requirements at our agency. Studies show that people who continue to learn as professionals are better problem-solvers, more creative and tend to enjoy their jobs more ̶ so that’s a bonus. This month we are sharing our go-to professional resources at APEX PR and ruckus Digital.

I enjoy learning about people and a personal touch goes a long way for the content I consume. Behind every favourite brand or outlet is a voice and behind that voice is usually an individual (or a group – looking at you community management teams).

So, it would make sense that my daily dives have a personal element to them:

  • – Not everything you read here is gold, but I’ve learned a lot by reading different viewpoints on topics related to communications, business and entrepreneurship. The featured writers are usually successful in their own right and give me food for thought on communications tactics and my general professional outlook.
  • Google News – While this isn’t quite a specific source, I have curated my feed down to mainly show news from industries that interest me and are relevant to my client work. Just ‘favourite’ your preferred outlets and the Google algorithm will do all the magical digging to serve you up some #fresh content.
  • Reddit – Ah Reddit, a source that showcases the power of collaborative information sharing for better or for worse. While the levels of moderation across the platform vary, these would be my top go-to subreddits:
    • r/news for those who like to keep up with news from around the world
    • r/aww for the lovers of cute and a daily pick-me-up
  • Philip DeFranco – The beautiful Bas… (Can’t finish this for the sake of being professional) himself, Philly D is my go-to source for a quick rundown of YouTube news, celebrity drama and general world news. Throw in funny animal videos and what more could one ask for? There’s also Rogue Rocket, a subsidiary of the Philip DeFranco Show, which does deep dives on various topics from the world helium shortage, to organ harvesting to why politicians spend so much time eating each others’ food. Check them out!

Let me know if you enjoy any of my suggestions and please share some of yours!

Nihal Mandanna C.P. is an intern coordinator at APEX Public Relations. Check out more of  #DailyDive and see what other APEXers are looking at for professional inspiration.