Work, Insights, Opinion, APEX SpotlightPOSTED August 26, 2019

#DailyDive – Get your news, but have fun too

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Curiosity and ongoing learning are key requirements at our agency. Studies show that people who continue to learn as professionals are better problem-solvers, more creative and tend to enjoy their jobs more ̶ so that’s a bonus. This month we are sharing our go-to professional resources at APEX PR and ruckus Digital. 

It is extremely important as a professional communicator to constantly keep up-to-date on the latest news – whether it is pop-culture, business, politics, and sports. At the same time,it is sometimes easier to get news or what is going on in pop-culture by listening to someone that is funny or from someone you like!

With that being said, I have a couple different places where I get news or help rev my creative engine:

The Current (CBC) – This is where I get my daily dose of everyday news – it depends whether I am in the car and listening on the radio or the podcast. The nice thing about The Current is that it is not strictly Canadian news – they recently did episodes about the sad events in El Paso and the Syrian refugees that were stuck in Malaysia – while also looking at business and politics. This channel is quite serious, but to know what is going on in the world is extremely important.

Business Wars– One thing about me – I like to know about what is going on in the business realm, but I also like to know how businesses came to prominence. They talk about the “war” (hence the name of the podcast) between two companies, or more, depending on the industry. If you want to know about how Xbox and Playstation became competitors or how Netflix survived Blockbuster (I hope you remember Blockbuster) – this might be your jam – and it can be somewhat funny.

Congratulations – Now news doesn’t always have to be business, politics or pop-culture, so the podcast/YouTube episodes of Chris D’Elia’s Congratulations gives me a good gut workout. The only downside to it – it’s limited to American content. But goodness me, need a good laugh and to hear about some funny things going on in the world? Chris D’Elia is your guy. If you’re easily offended, this is probably not for you.

Kevin Behar is a consultant at APEX Public Relations. Check out more of #DailyDive and see what other APEXers are looking at for professional inspiration.