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Crystal Ball 2019: The year that is 2019 – It’s a head scratcher

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Glass half full

With 2019 ramping up, expect new trends throughout the news, social media, technology and more. At APEX and ruckus digital we will be sharing our predictions on some of these trends that we think will define 2019 (or at least part of it).

Ken Evans, Managing Partner at APEX PR, shares his view on the crazy year that 2019 with star athletes, major political crises, and tech.

I consider myself an ambivalent optimist.  By nature, I generally lean towards more positive outcomes, believing that with the right attitude, effort and perseverance things will work out.  However, hard reality can often (and increasingly) smother my “glass half full” perspective. 

Yes, I’m talking Brexit, perverse populism sweeping parts of Europe, Southeast Asia and Brazil and that lunatic occupying the White House.  Oh and there’s that wee dilemma we’re facing with climate change.  Shall I also mention Yemen, Syria, Libya, Mali and Venezuela?  You get my drift.  It’s a battle to keep one’s optimism percolating. 

But battle I will, picking what I expect to be profound moments of joy and renewed hope in 2019.  So here it goes.

My long-time hero and inspiration for everything that is awesome in the pursuit of excellence, Serena Williams, will win her 24th major tournament and indeed her 25th.

Colin Kaepernick will win his collusion case against the NFL and its owners.

The British parliament will somehow not chuck itself off the no deal cliff and cancel Article 50 (this might be delusional on my part I realize).

While I’m in the delusional weeds, I might as well take a flyer and predict that Trump will resign in December 2019 as the evidence of collusion compiled by Mueller will simply be too great.

Canada’s tech sector, led by Artificial Intelligence, will be the envy and talk of the world.

And Ontario Place in Toronto will be designated a public common (sans slots) with ambitions to be a marquee destination in the city.

So, there you have it. The year 2019 leaves me with a lot more questions than answers to be honest, but I for one will strive to be stubbornly optimistic. To be otherwise would be to capitulate to the cabal of deniers, fear mongerers, haters, misanthropes and narcissist.  Happy new year.

Ken Evans is a Managing Partner at APEX Public Relations. Want to help your brand see the light in 2019. Visit our website or email us at

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