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Crystal Ball 2019: In a digital world, AI reigns supreme

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With 2019 ramping up, expect new trends throughout the news, social media, technology and more. At APEX and ruckus digital we will be sharing our predictions on some of these trends that we think will define 2019 (or at least part of it).

Katie Good, Senior Consultant at APEX PR, shares her view on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the form of chatbots and their effectiveness.

It seems lately as though a new, emerging trend is behind every corner, especially when it comes to marketing in a social/digital space. It’s undeniable there is a shift in the industry that is heavily influenced by social media use and streamlined processes to make the consumer experience faster, accessible and more efficient.

A trend that has recently caught my attention (and the attention of many marketers, as data shows) is the emerging presence of Artificial Intelligence – specifically in the form of chatbots. An astounding 80 per cent of businesses are planning to deploy some type of chatbot by 2020, and by the year 2021, 50 per cent of enterprise companies will spend more on bots and chatbot creation than they will on traditional mobile app development.[

Gone are the days where the automated responses on a company website are met with consumer complaints and frustration. The evolution of consumer-facing AI, particularly in the form of chatbots, has allowed for a positive customer experience, with smarter bots that sound more human than ever and can effectively engage with users.

Consumers are open to this shift – a crucial component of implementing any new service that your brand or company offers. Some 63 per cent of people would consider messaging a bot to communicate with a company.

And this shift isn’t just a benefit for consumers, but for brands as well. It’s expected that mainstream adoption of chatbots will cut business costs by $8 billion by 2022, allowing for budgets to be reallocated to other crucial marketing and digital services.

I look forward to the evolution of AI over the year, as these chatbots and other AI-based services can only get smarter and better accustomed to anticipating consumer needs.

This next shift in the current digital age is exciting for consumers, marketers, and everyone in between, and for now we can all rest easy knowing AI is a major supporting tool in streamlined customer service – until the robots take over, of course, as any sci-fi fanatic might predict.

Katie Good is a Senior Consultant at APEX Public Relations. Learn more about our using technology in your next plan by visiting our website or emailing us at

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