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Crystal Ball 2019: Bring back the music

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With 2019 ramping up, we can expect a lot of new trends throughout the news, social media, technology and more. At APEX and ruckus Digital we are sharing our predictions on some of these trends that we think will “go big” for 2019 (just remember we called it!).

Linda Andross, Owner/Managing Partner at APEX PR/ruckus Digital, shares her view on something we all love – music and earworms!

Who doesn’t love music? Music impacts so much of our lives, most importantly our feelings, making us happy, sad, excited, scared (think scary movies) or motivated (I say this to all of you who run with your phone). It triggers memories; emotions and even at times, spurs us to action (do not call your ex!). 

Music was one of the original communications channels, before the printed word and it was one of the first things people shared socially showing intention and meanings through musical story telling.

The rise of the visual aspect of communications has been off the charts these last few years and almost all brand content has a strong visual aspect tied to it. Words are minimal and sometimes even non-existent as the image can be strong enough to stand alone (what about that egg on Twitter??). 

But what the music? 

As we have all seen, the rapid change of technology that has taken place has led to wide spread diversity and availability of music and where and how we consume it. 

One thing I have noticed is that we have not yet fully embraced music with the content we are producing. We see and expect it with movies, but I think there is a larger opportunity for us to leverage music to enhance the content we are developing. 

With sonic branding on the rise – the audio equivalent of your brand’s look and feel, like Intel’s signature ‘bong’ sound – it’s vital for us to be connecting more deeply with our audiences through music.

As attention spans decrease (it’s even less than a goldfish), music will give marketers and brands an opportunity to plant earworms (tunes that get stuck in your heads) along with your content and drive consumers further along the path to purchase.

Linda Andross is Owner/Managing Partner at APEX Public Relations. Looking to liven up your integrated campaign with some music? Visit our website or email us at

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