InsightsPOSTED May 28, 2018

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jen and diane

Individuals expect a seamless communications experience no matter where organizations are communicating. The reality however is that many organizations struggle with integrated communications. On top of that, new forms of paid communication – including social integrations, influencer amplification and syndicated content – continue to blur the lines between advertising and PR. While not new – it dates back as a hotly debated topic since advertising agencies proposed merging the two disciplines in the 1970s/80s to avoid losing profit – what does this mean for us as communicators? Where do we even begin to plan such an integrated approach? How do we get colleagues to stop working in siloes?

Jennifer Stein & Diane Bégin answered these questions and more at the Canadian Public Relations Society national conference in Charlottetown, PE on May 28, 2018 through research conducted by APEX Public Relations, ruckus Digital and Maru Blue

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