Insights, EventsPOSTED April 6, 2020

CMAInsights: Bringing together the science of data, and the art of marketing

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Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA), CMAInsights event, focused on the topic of “bringing together the science of data and the art of marketing.”

Data and the insights gained from it has never been more key to our business decisions and clients’ strategies then it is today. It helps us determine the best approaches, overcome key challenges, and more importantly, pinpoint where the unique opportunities and “white space” exists for our clients. It helps us make well informed, smart decisions that drive results. Here are my top takeaways from the event that should be considered as you plan your next big project, campaign, or program:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Human Intelligence is the key to better marketing. One can’t exist without the other. Yes, we can get all the data in the world that we need – but we need humans to help inform direction and give it context. The two must coexist together and not be siloed – smart communications relies on it.

2. Look for integrated data from strategy to execution. Integrated data such as target audience data sets that can be used from the data input stage, through to optimization and measurement is key to be able to assess how your strategy works across multiple channels, but also to ensure that your programming is cohesive and well-informed.

3. Pick partners who see the whole picture. Insist that your agencies, and research and analytics partners all work together and are open to collaboration. Pick those who are able to see the whole picture, not just their own piece of the pie.

As we look ahead to the remainder of 2020 and begin planning for 2021, keeping these takeaways in your mind will help to ensure your next strategy is integrated, well-informed, smart, and ultimately, a successful one.

Danielle Scott is an Account Manager at APEX PR.

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