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The business of running

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marathon running

With the Goodlife Marathon that passed this Sunday in Toronto, I was left inspired by many of my friends, relatives, and co-workers who successfully crossed the finish line. The sheer endurance that it takes to run 42.2 km is mind-blowing to me, as I have the lung capacity of a hamster.

I have always been more of a stretcher than a sweater, and unless I am trying to catch a bus, I haven’t been much of a runner.

Things I don’t like about running:

• Shin splints
• Side cramps
• People who Instagram photos of their morning runs while I’m still in bed

Things I like about running:
• Lululemon outfits
• Orange Gatorade
• Making playlists
• Carb-loading

For the APEX Push Yourself blog challenge, I am going to train for and run a half marathon. Oprah did it. I believe that it is as much as a mental endurance as it is physical.

Running isn’t just a trend. It’s big business. 

The numbers of marathon participants have increased steadily; in 2011, in the US alone, more than half a million people finished a marathon. Fourteen million runners finished road races last year; that is three times as many as 20 years ago.

It is not just the races that have become more popular, but the outfits that go with them.

  • Men and women are spending an increasing amount of money on their athletic wear to ensure that they look good while sweating.
  • Over 17 million fitness bands will be sold worldwide in 2014.
  • Marathon registration fees have gone up 35 percent in the US since 2007.

I will try and stick this out for the long run, because there is no finding your stride without pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Nonetheless, after yesterday’s run (my first and only intentional run in 5 years), I was feeling nothing short of flu-ish. But perhaps the biggest challenge of all will be to do this without letting it affect my wallet.

When she’s not running, Tara Benjamin runs the APEX office as our agency adminstrator. Follow her on Twitter.

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