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Building relationships this summer – my internship

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Throughout the summer APEX PR and ruckus Digital adds interns to their team in hopes of teaching them about the ever-changing PR field and give them industry experience. Tessa Powell was one of those interns this summer – we were very happy to have her these past three months and we wanted to see what she learned during her time at here.

In the little over three months I’ve been with APEX, I have been exposed to a vast range of enriching experiences that are all rooted in a few essential principles in the field of public relations. The ability to sculpt the ways in which a person engages with a product or campaign is a privileged position and is almost always intertwined into the politics of point of view and relationship management.

Emphasis is and must always be placed on point of view. Whether it be the point of view of your client, the consumer, or a journalist – the success of your pitch relies most heavily on the degree to which you have familiarized yourself with the needs of the individual in question. While this can be achieved through extensive research and strategic planning, I have come to learn that the easiest and most enjoyable manner through which this occurs lies in the making and maintaining of relationships.

I have observed the ways in which simple actions like grabbing a coffee with an influencer or attending a networking event work to match faces with names to create tangible relationships. APEX’s healthy habit of extending such invitations is not solely confined to elite members of the media.

I have been fortunate enough to take part in a culture of collegiality whereby these tendencies are carried over into everyday life and co-workers dedicate time to maintaining and strengthening their relationships by means of a simple coffee date or a quick chat.

Not only are these components inevitable to any successful public relations endeavor, but further, these are tools that will enable me to cultivate meaningful experiences in both my professional and personal life. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to be saddled with this knowledge and I can now say with confidence that I am prepared to face what comes next!

Tessa Powell is an Intern Coordinator at APEX PR. Would you like to learn more about influencer relations? Drop us a line.

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