WorkPOSTED May 29, 2019

Bringing harmony to the streets

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In 2018, a year after Toronto announced its Vision Zero goal of zero traffic-related fatalities by 2021, 46 pedestrians and cyclists were killed. As a property and casualty insurer, RSA felt a deep personal connection to the human side of the issue of road safety, because its employees deal with the claims resulting from serious injuries and fatalities every single day.

As such, RSA Canada created TruceTO – a road safety advocacy initiative that positioned RSA as the mediator between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, urging them to show empathy towards each other, and educate themselves on the rules of our evolving streets. We chose this approach simply because a unilateral focus on design was not solving the safety crisis. It was time to try a different strategy to de-escalate the tension and reduce the number of fatalities arising from collisions on our streets.  The success of the CSR initiative’s call to action earned it the status of a “movement” by local media at launch.

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