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Breaking up with my cell phone

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My colleagues know me well, so when I was contemplating a topic for our May “push yourself” blog challenge, they were all very quick to add in their two cents on what I should tackle. While a number of suggestions were put forward, in the end they unanimously agreed that it was time for me to push myself to get a new mobile device.

As a creature of habit, I have been using a Blackberry – either a Bold or a Curve, to be honest I’m not sure – which is many years old and not as new-fangled as some of the other more current offerings out there.

My faithful but dated cellular friend is my constant companion and rarely leaves my side, except when I am sleeping.  It lets me stay in touch with colleagues and clients outside of business hours or when I am out of the office and catch up on the latest news (while I am more of a voyeur than user of Twitter, it is my personal news feed, and for example, where I found out about Gwyneth and Chris’ recent “conscious uncoupling,” all things Rob Ford, as well as more serious news matters).

That said, my mobile device is not as up-to-date as it could be, and does not let me do a lot of things other more current devices can.  I find it difficult to access the web and tweets on my Blackberry. When I do decide to share an article or opinion can be difficult, and I can’t view or post Instagram photos or use all the many apps I constantly hear about that can change my life.  It can also be temperamental, shutting down and restarting at random times. I have also already had to replace the battery.

So why, when there are so many new offerings out there, have I not given up on – and traded up –my phone?

I have a concern that a new one will take a while to use and I may miss an email or not respond in a timely enough manner to a query.  Also, I know how to use the keyboard – what if my upgrade comes without one?  While my existing phone is not the most current on the market, it still works.

Interestingly, I am very open to new things – in fact, I push myself, my teams and my clients to think about and try new ideas all the time and am always looking for new and creative ways to extend our abilities and help meet their business needs.  It is just that with my phone, I have adopted the philosophy of “use what you know.”

But the time has come for me to push myself and take things – and my mobile device – to the next level.  After all, if I work in an industry where it is important to be current, don’t I owe it to myself to try it out?

So, while I can’t promise the uptake will be immediate, the time has come.  I am pushing myself and by the end of May I will have finished researching – and purchasing – a new phone.  While I am nervous to say goodbye to a trusted friend, I look forward to meeting and getting to know my new one.  And if I push myself on a cell phone, who knows what could be next…

Stephanie Engel is one of our Senior Vice Presidents and dedicated Blackberry user.

If you have any suggestions on what phone she should get, please tweet @steph_engel.

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