InsightsPOSTED June 2, 2014

Why your brand should create infographics

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Infographics was one of Mashable’s 30 most overused buzzwords in digital. Still, we’re making the case that they are an invaluable communications tool. In fact, the Mashable argument itself was presented as an infographic – because infographics work.

This month, the APEX team is launching a new blog challenge – to have all APEXers create infographics.

In order to use readily available software and make this an accessible exercise to everyone – especially non-designers – PowerPoint became the default tool of choice. (Thanks for the idea HubSpot.)

Other online infographic tools will also be explored like

To kick it off, the first infographic is on infographics. Created using a combination of PowerPoint and Canva, 5 reasons why your brand should create infographics.


Diane Bégin is an Account Director at APEX Public Relations. Follow her on Twitter.

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